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New Range of Battery Tools

Elpress has released a new and updated range of Battery Tools to crimp terminals from pre-insulated to 95mm Copper lugs plus a unique Tap Changer tool (PVL130L) for Transformer applications​

VMC800 Mission Critical Vehicle Mounted Charger

This COTS battery charger is designed to charge the SAFT Lithium-Ion Batteries (LBB) used by the US Army, the US Marine Corps and other Allied militaries using the ITAS weapons system. The ultimate in versatility, this unit can be modified to meet many different military or industrial applications based on the user’s requirements and the chemistry and type of batteries being charged.

The VMC800 can be powered from the HMMWV alternator or any DC source from 24VDC to 33 VDC and is designed to deliver 32.0VDC at up to 25A continuous to charge a 28 volt battery system. In By-pass mode, the unit can function as a power supply up to the continuous current rating of the unit.

Designed for operation in the most extreme environments, the VMC800 operates unfailingly from -40°C to +55°C (With the optional pre-heater, this unit can operate at temperatures down to -55°C) and is designed to withstand complete submersion in 0.5m of water for up to 5 minutes. This unit is tested to meet MILSTD 461F standard for radiated and conducted noise and built to be complaint with MILSTD 810G for shock and vibration.


PVX Battery Tools with 2 Year Guarantee

  • Crimp pressure control by electronic pressure monitoring
  • Single handed grip for easy operation
  • Digital display with information about the tool and service interval
  • Tested with Elpress dies
  • Pressure monitoring information via display when at correct pressure/full pressure not achieved (LED warning light and signal)

Outer Jacket Stripper for Shielded Twisted Cables

  • TSK8000 accommodates a variety of multi-conductor cable having diameters from 0.0625” to 0.187”
  • Strips the outer jacket of shielded twisted multi-conductor, and round cable
  • End stripping or window stripping of cable as needed.
  • Interchangeable stripping dies (with cable track and carbide blade set)
  • Adjustable blade depth settings
  • Tool Weight: .81 lbs Shipping Weight: 2lbs (includes entire tool and accessories in foam lined case)