CTA1003-7R .032 & .040 Safe-T-Cable© Kit

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Safe-T-Cable© Tool & Parts Kits

Complete Tool & Parts Kits to support your Safe-T-Cable© applications.

DMC is well known through out the aerospace industry for the quality and capability of the Tool Kits that we manufacture. The packaging materials (case, inset, and instructions) are manufactured to specifically meet the most demanding handling conditions.

FOD (Foreign Object Damage) is always a concern when workers are required to use tools and small components in or around an aircraft. The DMC Safe-T-Cable© kits are designed to minimize that concern. The “shadowing” principal is a proven concept for tool/parts control. Safe-T-Cable© Tool and Parts Kits are available in a variety of configurations to support your specific requirements. Out most requested Tool & Parts Kit is the DMC1000-20R due to the popularity of .032 diameter Safe-T-Cable©, and the demand for a travel-ready system whereby the user has Tools, Verification Equipment, Accessories, a supply of Cable/Ferrules, and the Instructions all in one package.

Other Kits are available to support your particular needs.


CTA1003-7R .032 & .040 Safe-T-Cable© Tool and Parts Kit
SCTR3231Safe-T-Cable© Tool with 3″ Nose Attached (.032)
SCTR4071Safe-T-Cable© Tool with 7″ Nose Attached (.040)
SCTN32-717″ Nose Assembly (.032)
SCTN40-313″ Nose Assembly (.040)
C10-218100Safe-T-Cable© (.032 x 18″)
C10-318100Safe-T-Cable© (.040 x 18″)
SCT-TB1R1Safe-T-Cable© Torque Verification Block
4-150119/64″ Hex Wrench
F10-0450Elongated Ferrules (.032)
SCT320841Spanner Tool
689-4121Screw Driver
45-6N1Diagonal Cutter Gripper

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