Hydraulic Tools for Military & Aerospace

Hydraulic Crimp Tools for Military & Aerospace Applications

New Product


HD23 Hydraulic Crimper 4 indent for large gauge contacts


This tool uses the same Indenter Die Sets and Positioners as the M22520/23-01 Tool, (DMC Part # WA23) which are defined by the AS39029 Contact Detail Standards.
Maintainers of Aircraft Wiring Systems (EWIS) have requested a Crimp Termination System for Large Gage Contacts (#8 thru 4/0) which is self-contained and portable, and can be used in Aircraft EWIS Maintenance without the need for compressed air. This product is an answer to that request.



The HD36 Hydraulic Crimper is a combination of a lightweight design and the precise application of 3.5 tons force to crimp power contacts too large for conventional hand tools. This tool is designed to accept the entire family of HD36 dies for crimping terminals, lugs or any other special applications.


The HD37 Hydraulic Crimper is a combination of lightweight design and  precise application of 3.5 tons force to crimp power contacts too large for conventional hand tools. The tools are designed to accept all M22520/5-XX dies (Y-dies) for crimping terminals, lugs or other special applications.


The HD51 Medium Duty Hydraulic Crimper is the most popular hand operated hydraulic crimper. The HD51 is still lightweight at 4.6 pounds, but the 5.5 tons of die force and the larger die configuration extends the range of crimping capabilities to 2/0 AWG* conductors in many applications.

The HD51 Hydraulic Crimper utilizes rugged construction, lightweight materials, and comfortable handle grips for the best ergonomic advantage. The number of handle closures required to complete the crimp is reduced by the larger and more efficient hydraulic pump system. Other features are the following:

  • Length: 14 inches (356 mm)
  • Weight 4.6 pounds (2.08kg)
  • Crimp force: 5.5 tons (48.93kN)
  • Automatic relief valve to prevent over-compression
  • Release lever for relaxing crimp pressure and opening dies
  • 180° rotating head for ease in confined work areas.

New Product


The HD120 is a hand actuated hydraulic crimp tool designed to use interchangeable MS23002-XX dies (for insulated lugs), MS90485-XX dies (for uninsulated lugs) and MS25442-XX dies (for alluminium lugs). It has a two stage hydraulic system with automatic pressure relief to prevent over compression and automatic die retraction after the crimp cycle.

This tool is the hand operated equivalent to DMC crimp head TBHD1M (MS25441-1). It accepts all dies designed for use in the TBHD1M, however, HD120 is NOT Mil-Qualified.

The tools hydraulic pump is filled with biodegradable hydraulic fluid at the factory and does not need to be bled or primed.


The HPU11M Air Powered Hydraulic Pump is the most economical and efficient way to provide controlled hydraulic pressure for the XHD51 and TBHD1M remote crimp heads and similar applications. The use of lightweight materials and the latest air-over-hydraulic technology makes the HPU11M the best choice


The P1000 two step 630 bar pump is an economical pump for industrial use where simplicity and reliability is required. The pump is supplied with a European style quick coupling safety hose. Although being of lightweight design it is robust allowing for intensive use.


The XHD51 Remote Hydraulic Crimp Head is a preferred solution for high yield applications on production lines and maintenance rework centers. A pumping system provides the hydraulic power to the remote crimping head, and the crimp head can be mounted in a stationary position, or used as a hand-held tool.

TBHD1M (MS25441-1)

The TBHD1M (MS25441-1) Remote Hydraulic Crimp Head delivers the die force necessary to crimp large conductors and is a welcome solution where hand crimping is not acceptable

The 12 tons of crimp force and accepts the HD002 (MS23002), HD485 (MS90485), HD442 (MS25442) and Boeing ST 2354 Die combinations

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