Advanced Tooling and Terminals for Wind Applications

What is special with Wind Applications?

Elpress has been working with wind power manufacturers and their suppliers of cable for many years. During this period it became clear clear that there is a broad spectrum of various requirements that are considered to be relevant to work with in wind applications.

Besides the requirements of electrical characteristics and current-carrying capacity, wind applications also comprise high standards in terms of corrosion, vibration and static loads.

  • Elpress has together with their customers identified the following test standards as being considered relevant for wind applications:
  • Electrical properties – IEC61238-1, class A
  • Environmental requirements – DIN V 40 046, part 37
  • Static loads – Swedish Standard SEN 245010 provides relatively high load limits and is therefore useful here
  • Vibration testing – EN 50155 has been used where applicable.

Elpress has extensive experience in the wind power industry and our ambition to provide qualified materials and knowledge for electrical connections, together with a high level of service and product knowledge, means that you get a secure connection.

Crimping with Elpress’ patented DUAL System

For crimping of flexible conductors to KRF/KSF terminals in demanding applications. 


DUAL crimping process

The technology has been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers with high standards on applications in extra demanding environments where the connection, besides electrical properties, are also subjected to e.g. corrosion, vibrations and mechanical strength.

Contact crimping takes place in a two-stage movement, first a hexagonal crimping that provides optimal symmetrical contact with the conductor, which means that no wires are broken or come apart in the edge facing the connector. This is followed by punch crimping, which provides 30% better electrical properties.

Crimping is a System Technology, meaning that the proper combination of terminal or connector and the matching crimp tool and die set that are determined by the specific cable being used will result in the correct crimp connection properties.

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