Advanced Tooling & Terminals for Transformer Applications

Advanced crimping demands high performance and high quality

When crimping in advanced applications, such as transformer connections, it is necessary that the crimping system has a high level of performance and is reliable. Elpress has developed a series of products especially for these applications. Together with training of operators, certifications and special products, these form a complete system.

Elpress’ crimping system for Transformer connectors contains:

  • Joints, such as terminals and through connectors adapted to transformer conductors
  • Electrically powered, hydraulic pumps with ergonomic crimping tools, rounding and crimping dies
  • Test documentation and certificates as per international standards
  • Qualification of production methods
  • Training and certification of operators

Quality assured systems

Elpress’ complete system includes connectors from 35 to 500 mm2. They have the suffix L, which is the user’s guarantee that the component is a part of the quality assured system.
Special products have been developed, such as straight and angled T connectors. The marking on the connector shows ID number for crimping tools, metric size, bolt size (for terminals) and make in the form of the logotype. The marking ensures easy and correct use.

Simple use in rounding of winding conductors.

With Elpress 13 and 25 tonne crimping heads, simple use is ensured both in the rounding of winding conductors and in crimping. Elpress offers a combined battery and mains-powered and solely mains-powered pump that are both operated using the handle’s buttons.
Rounding and crimping dies are polished to eliminate the risk of sharp edges on the connector.

Elpress has tested the use of terminals and through connectors with the stated winding conductor areas in accordance with IEC61238:1. This is the most accepted standard for electrical connections where the emphasis is on the application’s resistive stability after loading. The documentation is available at Elpress.

System Elpress

Tested systems for electrical connectors and associated tools. You get a secure connection

  • Tool delivered with a certificate
  • Verified and tested combination of cable, terminal and tool
  • Certified solutions for customized product development
  • Product approval in accordance with UL, DNV and CSA
  • Third party quality and environment certification in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001

We have the tooling & terminals for the correct crimping of Flat Copper Windings

  • Determine the correct size KRF Cu terminal lug for the flat Cu winding to be crimped 
  • Fillers might be required (formula available)
  • Pre-round the flat Cu winding 
  • Crimp using the correct die for the flat Cu winding
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