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Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) has become aware of counterfeit Mil-Spec crimp tools that are being advertised by non-qualified and unauthorized sources. This situation is potentially hazardous for the entire aerospace community, DOD and maintainers of electrical wiring interconnect systems. 

Many of these counterfeits bear the M22520 Mil-Spec number, DMC logo, DMC part numbers, DMC CAGE code (11851) and appear almost identical to genuine DMC qualified products as listed on the Qualified Products Database (QPD) and Qualified Products List (QPL).

These products are COUNTERFEIT and not approved or qualified under MIL DTL 22520 and other specifications that apply. GIDEP SAFE-ALERT F9Y-S-17-01A and F9Y-S-17-02A have been issued to alert industry of the fraudulent misrepresentations.


  • Avoid purchasing DMC products from unauthorized sources
  • Avoid buying product on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart.com, Alibaba and eBay,
  • Avoid purchasing items marked used or refurbished. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Contact Crimp-Tech Australia if you have a question about purchasing one of DMC products.

Featured Products

Tool Servicing & Calibration

CRiMP-TECH Australia is an Authorised DMC Repair & Calibration Centre. We have the facilities to service & calibrate the majority of DMC tools.

Your tools can be refurbished back to new condition for less than 1/3 of the cost of a new tool.  For a quote on your tool please email us advising tool brand, part number plus calibration details and/or a description of repair required or complete the downloadable Tool Return Form below

When shipping your tool, please download the Tool Return Form from our Repair/Calibration page and include it with your tool.

NOALAX® Anti-Oxidant

Improve the reliability of Aluminium connections

  • Anti-oxidant compound improves efficiency and service life of aluminum electrical applications.
  • Suspended zinc particles penetrate and cut aluminum oxide
  • Provides additional inner-strand and inner-conductor current paths for improved conductivity and cooler connections.
  • Carrier material excludes air to minimize further oxidation
  • For use with pressure-type wire connection including lugs, taps, service entrances and split-bolts
  • Reduces galling and seizing when applied on aluminum conduit joints promoting good ground continuity

Electro-mechanical Crimp Tool


  • Advanced Ergonomic Tool Design with “Safe Distance” trigger closing control
  • Pre-clamp function to improve cycle-time and quality
  • Crimp cycle time is 1.3 seconds
  • 250 crimps per charge
  • Li-Ion 10.8V battery and charger
  • Built in LED light
  • Tool kit consists of a moulded case, one battery and charger
  • Dies are sold separately (see available dies in table below)
  • Contact CRiMP-TECH for custom engineered dies

Safe-T-Cable Kit


1 x Kit in stock (11/11/2019)


A Complete Tool and Parts Kit to Support your .032” & .022” Applications.

DMC1000-20R .032” & .022” Tool and Accessory List:

  • SCTR323 – Safe-T-Cable Tool with 3″ Nose Attached (.032)
  • SCTR203 – Safe-T-Cable Tool with 3″ Nose Attached (.022)
  • SCTN32-7 – 7″ Nose Assembly (.032)
  • SCTN20-7 – 7″ Nose Assembly (.022)
  • C10-218 – Safe-T-Cable .032 x 18”, Qty. 100
  • C10-118 – Safe-T-Cable .022 x 18”, Qty. 100
  • C10-218JA – Safe-T-Cable .032 x 18” with Jumper, Qty. 50
  • F10-04 – Elongated Ferrule .032”, Qty 50
  • SCT-TB1R – Torque Verification Block
  • 45-6N – Diagonal Cutter
  • 689-412 – Screwdriver
  • 4-1501 – 9/64″ Hex Wrench

Tool kit supplied in 1 environmentally sealed, Ultra High Impact Copolymer carrying case and includes: Name Plate, Foam Pads/Inserts, Contents Charts and Instruction Sheets.


Have you run out of the cable in the C10-218PKG kit? No need to buy the complete kit, just purchase the cables separately. Factory certification supplied with each individual package.



Or did you run out of the ferrules in the C10-218PKG kit? Why purchase the complete kit when all you need are ferrules. Factory certification supplied with each individual package


HPT-200B Portable Tensile (Pull) Tester

Take it anywhere for QA testing


  • Portable, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Built-in NIMH battery, with charger
  • Up to 24 hour use on a single charge
  • High-speed 7,000 Hz peak sampling rate
  • MESUR Lite basic data acquisition software included
  • Low stress tensioning mechanism
  • Protective carrying case
  • Built-in calibration test
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% of full scale from 2-200LBS
  • Resolution: 1/5000
  • Display in Lb, Oz, Kg, G & N
  • International Power Adapter

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