DMC provides an extensive line of large gauge crimp tools for high reliability wiring systems.


Many die configurations for crimping terminals and splices are required for OEM and maintenance operations. AWG size is one determining factor, but each die configuration has a designated tool series. The hand tool is the basis of each tool series and suitable for the low volume of prototype or repair work. For higher volume production and intermediate/depot maintenance, a tool series might include pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools, battery hydraulic tools, or electric hydraulic tools.

Large Gauge Pneumatic Indent Crimp Tool (M22520/23)

The WA23 large pneumatic crimp tool functions with the push of a button for operator ease. This heavy duty crimp tool accommodates large size contacts 8 through 0000 (AWG) and operates on standard 90–125 psi (5.4–8.16 BAR) shop air sources.


The standard die assembly and locator are easily interchangeable with no special tool required. Custom dies and locators may be designed to specific requirements. An optional foot valve is available upon request.

M22520/23-01WA23TOOL FRAMEN/A
M22520/23-02WA23-2DIE ASSY. 8 AWGG693
M22520/23-03WA23-3DIE ASSY. 6 AWGG694
M22520/23-04WA23-4DIE ASSY. 4 AWGG695
M22520/23-05WA23-5DIE ASSY. 1/0 AWGG696
M22520/23-06WA23-6DIE ASSY. 2/0 AWGG697
M22520/23-07WA23-7DIE ASSY. 4/0 AWGG698
M22520/23-08WA23-8DIE ASSY. 1 AWGG1299
M22520/23-09WA23-9POSITIONER 8N/A
M22520/23-10WA23-10POSITIONER 6N/A
M22520/23-11WA23-11POSITIONER 4N/A
M22520/23-12WA23-12POSITIONER 4, 4N, 4GN/A
M22520/23-13WA23-13POSITIONER 1/0N/A
M22520/23-14WA23-14POSITIONER1/0, 1/0NN/A
M22520/23-15WA23-15POSITIONER 2/0, 2/0NN/A
M22520/23-16WA23-16POSITIONER 4/0, 4/0NN/A


DMC also offers a Hydraulic version HD23 and the Battery Powered version HDE23.

5.5 Ton Crimp Tool (M5259/5-01, M52594-01)

The HD51 Medium Duty Hydraulic Crimper is the most popular hand operated hydraulic crimper.


The HD51 is still lightweight at 4.6 pounds, but the 5.5 tons of die force and the larger die configuration extends the range of crimping capabilities to 2/0 AWG* conductors in many applications.


DMC also offers a Battery Powered version HDE51B and Remote Head XHD51


HD51-101.325 HEX.125.216 HEX.187.325 / .216 Hexes
HD51-105.170 GAGE.250#8 Insulated TerminalsG682
HD51-106.202 GAGE.312#6 Insulated TerminalsG683
HD51-107.254 GAGE.375#4 Insulated TerminalsG684
HD51-110.530 HEX.365.530 Hex
HD51-112.440 HEX.358.538 HEX.358.440 / .538 Hexes
HD51-113.312 GAGE.470#2 Insulated TerminalsG801
HD51-114N.135 GAGE.312#8 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG744
HD51-115N.176 GAGE.312#6 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG745
HD51-116N.206 GAGE.312#4 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG746
HD51-117N.265 GAGE.312#2 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG747
HD51-118N.135 GAGE.312#8 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG744
HD51-119N.176 GAGE.312#6 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG745
HD51-120N.206 GAGE.312#4 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG746
HD51-121N.265 GAGE.312#2 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG747
HD51-122N.275 GAGE.470#1/0 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG749
HD51-123N.275 GAGE.470#1/0 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG749
HD51-124N.370 GAGE.470#2/0 Uninsulated TerminalsDoubleG750
HD51-125N.370 GAGE.470#2/0 Uninsulated TerminalsSingleG750
HD51-127.445 HEX.250.395 HEX.200.445 / .395 Hexes
HD51-128.410 GAGE.470#1/0 Insulated TerminalsG854
HD51-129.404 GAGE.470#2/0 Insulated TerminalsG855
HD51-130-1R .100,
H .300
#2 – #8 Uninsulated
Needs HD51-131-2
or HD51-132-2
HD51-131-2R .275R .145#2 & #8 Uninsulated
Needs HD51-130-1
Single (FEMALE)G744G747
HD51-132-2R .219R .188#4 & #6 Uninsulated
Needs HD51-130-1
Single (FEMALE)G745G746
HD51-133-2.312 GAGE.170 GAGE#2 & #8 Insulated
Needs HD51-113-1 for #2
& HD51-105-1 for #8
(FEMALE)G801 (#2)G682 (#8)
HD51-134-2.202 GAGE.254 GAGE#4 & #6 Insulated
Needs HD51-106-1 for #6
& HD51-107-1 for #4
(FEMALE)G683 (#6)G684 (#4)
HD51-138.377 HEX.435#2 Uninsulated .377 Hex
MS90485-2 Equiv.
MS90485-2 Equiv.
HD51-139.587 HEX.400.587 Hex
HD51-140.956 HEX.500 HEX.956 & .500 HEX
HD51-144.140 HEX.470.130 Hex
HD51-148.216 HEX.216 Hex
HD51-149.660 HEX.400.660 Hex
HD51-150.352 HEX.470AB Twinax Pin & Socket Contacts
HD51-152.304 GAGE.470Packard Hughes .437 Ferrules
HD51-154.339 GAGE.437MS25036 #1
MS23002-1 Equiv.
HD51-157#10 Flag Terminal
HD51-159.312 GAGE.470#2 AWG InsulatedElongated Hex
HD51-160.500 HEX1.300#2 Uninsulated
For Aluminum Wire
HD51-162.218.470.218 HEX
HD51-163.210 HEX.470#8 AWG UninsulatedHEXG720
HD51-164.240 HEX.470#6 AWG UninsulatedHEXG721
HD51-165.299 HEX.470#4 AWG UninsulatedHEXG722
HD51-166.417 HEX.470#1 AWG UninsulatedHEXG834
HD51-167.456 HEX.470#1/0 AWG UninsulatedHEXG835
HD51-168.500 HEX.470#2/0 AWG UninsulatedHEXG836

HD51 Dies

*Wire range will vary depending on wire and terminal/contact.

12 Ton Large Gage Hydraulic Crimp Tool (M5259/3-01*)

The HD120 is a hand actuated hydraulic crimp tool designed to use interchangeable MS23002-XX dies (for insulated lugs), MS90485-XX dies (for un-insulated lugs) and MS25442-XX dies (for aluminum lugs). It has a two stage hydraulic system with automatic pressure relief to prevent over compression, and automatic die retraction after the crimp cycle.


This tool is a hand operated hydraulic equivalent to DMC tool part number TBHD1M (MS25441-1) 12ton Hydraulic Installing Head. It accepts all dies designed for use in the TBHD1M.


DMC also offers a Battery Powered version HDE120B


*QPL in progress

The TBHD1M Remote Hydraulic Crimp Head (MS25441-1) exerts 12 tons of crimp force and extends the range of crimping capabilities to 4/0 AWG conductors in military/aerospace applications, and 750 MCM applications on commercial systems.


The recommended hydraulic pump is the HPU11M air over hydraulic powered pump and consult DMC for other hydraulic pump options.


 Dieless 4-Indent Hydraulic Crimp Tool

The HC134 Dieless Four-Indent Hydraulic Crimper is a four-indent crimper that can self-adjust to the application. The tool provides a symmetrical four-sided crimp (at 90º intervals). The crimp pressure against the resistance of the metal conductor assembly will cause the tool to crimp to a depth where there is metal to metal bottoming (gas tight crimp joint on aluminium and soft copper).


The HC134 produces 7 tons. The range of crimping capabilities starts with small conductors (around 1⁄4 inch in diameter) to 4/0 AWG conductors on copper, and 750 MCM applications on aluminium.

Triangle indenter shape is standard. Optional indent designs are available.