Elpress AB, located at Kramfors, Sweden, has been developing and manufacturing cable crimping systems for electrical connectors for in excess of 50 years. Elpress developed the patented DUAL Crimping System for harsh environment applications.

From development to finished product

All the products you buy from us are manufactured with very high quality standards, and production is mostly in our own factory in Kramfors. Continuous improvements and investments in new technology and machinery make us efficient, flexible and fast. This means that we can live up to your demands on the delivery capability of both standard products, customizations and even new innovations.

Connections and tools

We have a very wide product range for electrical connections in the form of cable shoe and joint sleeves for different applications and in different sizes. The products are from 0.1-1200 mm² with associated tools and are developed and tested in accordance with applicable national and international standards and standards.

System Elpress

To achieve a secure connection, we offer certified solutions of the cable, connection, tool, and trained combination. This in order for you as a user to feel confident when using our system, and to ensure a secure connection with the proper handling of our products. 

Certified solutions , consulting , training and service are System Elpress – your secure connection!

Pressure system for copper and aluminum cable

In our press system, System Elpress, the connecting elements are coordinated with mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic press tools. The connections cover the area range 0.10 mm² to 1200 mm² and are intended for copper and aluminum cables. Cutting and scaling tools and deep-grounding tools are additional products included in our range.

Customized products

Our customers’ applications put the demands on quality, design and usability. We stand for quality in every way and care for the customer. Our R & D department is an important link in the product manufacturing process chain. A customized product is an important part of our work. It is a special challenge to solve problems for the customer while making the products profitable. This way we also increase our knowledge of customer needs. Contact Crimp-Tech Australia for more information.