Connector Mate® Assembly Vise

The continuing demands of electrical system designers have imposed such rapid development in the field of interconnection technology that new and different hardware is emerging to meet those demands. Along with the introduction of these new, and often more complex connectors and accessories, the challenge for versatile and reliable production tooling becomes apparent. Connector Mate ViseTo this end, DMC has accepted the challenge by developing the assembly station vise which provides a reliable and repeatable holding method for countless combinations of connectors and accessories. The use of removable soft-grip jaw inserts allows the vise to easily accommodate all popular connector diameters.

This is a reliable method of retaining circular parts, which avoids damage to critical platings and retains the circular shape


The system consists of non-marring jaw inserts and a specially designed vise to hold them. They can be used to hold any circular part within the size range available, including connectors, backshell accessories and adaptor tools.

In a conventional vise, one jaw is stationary, while the other moves on the thread mechanism. The assembly station vise is different in that it employs an opposing thread design — that is, both jays move in synchronization. This design has several advantages for connector assembly:

FAST TIGHTENING: A part can be secured faster, a benefit to production procedures.

HIGH STRENGTH: A substantial increase in strength and thread life is achieved by the double-thread arrangement.

SELF-CENTERING: Because the jaws move towards each other, the work is always centered in the vise, and therefore, lateral stress and unnecessary movement of the work pieces are not introduced into the process.

ADJUSTABLE STOP: An added feature for convenience and efficiency of operation is the adjustable stop on the vise. This provides for extra gripping stability and a repeatable repeatable reference for production line applications.


A set of jaws is designed to accommodate diameters from .375″ to 3.00″ (3/8″ to 3″), within six different jaw sizes. This provides for flexibility of application — the same system can be used for most or all of the circular connectors and accessories in a cable assembly operation.

Jaws are available in two gripping widths:. .400″ and 1.000″. the narrow jaws allow access to accessories which are smaller in diameter than adjacent components, whereas the wider allow for a large grip area when higher torque values are required.

Jaws are made from high-friction material which will not damage connectors or accessories, yet will provide sufficient grip for most operations.

Prevents deformation of circular connectors and accessories by applying holding pressure evenly at four points on the circumference. That is, the jaws apply a force radially at four points equally spaced around the circumference such that the monocoque structure readily accepts it without deformation.

If the force is applied on opposite sides (only two pressure points), the shell will tend to collapse, and this will in turn produce false torque readings because of increased friction between the components where the threads have been forces together.

A square drive on the thread handle allows the use of a torque device to minimize the possibility of over tightening.

The position of the jaw inserts in the vise can be changed to hold the work in the most convenient location for assembly.

The jaw inserts come packaged in a convenient metal container which keeps them clean, orderly and readily available for use. Also provided are instructions for their proper use. These are twelve pairs of jaw inserts in the container which accommodate diameters from 3/8″ to 3″.


DMC Part NumberDescription
BT-VS-511Assembly vise with 24-piece set of jaw inserts
BT-VS-500Assembly vise only (without jaw inserts)
BT-S-55024-piece set of jaw inserts, for use with vise BT-VS-500