Locking Cable

An urgent need for a fast reliable fastener security system for the Nuclear Power Industry resulted in the further expansion of Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) by DMC. Working with a major contractor to NAVSEA and commercial power organizations, DMC developed and certified a .062 diameter Safe-T-Cable for use onboard nuclear submarines, and carriers. The .062 diameter Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) was later tested and certified for use by the commercial power industry, aircraft applications, and industrial use. The practice of twisting lockwire onto fasteners and threaded assemblies is a tedious task, which requires skill and time. Lockwire measuring .062 diameter is anything but “user friendly”. Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) allows maintenance and other operations to be performed in the minimum time, in tight access areas, with limited inspection, and with no rework due to faulty lockwiring. Also, handling the tool and materials for Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) will not damage special gloves or protective clothing.

.032 and .062 diameter Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) is recognized and defined in MIL-STD-763 (G Revision).


The standard .062 diameter Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable) is 24 inches in length, and measures .062 min./.072 inch max. diameter. The cable is comprised of 7 strands of 19 wires each for maximum strength and flexibility. The factory-applied end fitting (square) measures approximately .155 inch across the flats, and the outside diameter of the user applied ferrule measures .150 inch. The minimum pull-off load of the ferrule after crimping is 280 pounds (per Mil-Std 763). Product samples, application information, and technical data may be obtained by contacting DMC. Two application tools are available from DMC, and two installation kits are also available.

SCTE625B Battery Powered Hydraulic Application Tool

SCTEB625The Battery Powered Hydraulic Application Tool (part number SCTE625B) crimps and cuts the assembly flush to the ferrule by pressing a trigger. This tool is lightweight and self-contained. The Lithuim Ion battery
is rechargeable (charger supplied).

SCTH625 Hydraulic Application Tool

The Hydraulic Application Tool (part number SCTH625) utilizes a lightweight hand actuated hydraulic pump to develop the force required to crimp and cut the .062 diameter Safe-T-Cable (Locking Cable). The tool crimps and cuts the assembly flush to the ferrule by multiple actuation of a single handle.

Both application tool models feature an easy to use adjustable tension clutch mechanism with a rotary tension wheel, replaceable crimp nose assemblies, and user adjustable crimp depth settings for maximum tool life/performance.

Other accessories offered by DMC include a Torque Verification Block (SCT-TB2) for periodic monitoring of application tool performance, a 100-750 inch-pound torque wrench (SCT-D011), and other tool accessories.

.062 Cable Kits* (One Cable and One Ferrule)

321 CRES
18″C10-918Consult DMCC09-918
24″C10-924Consult DMCC09-924
30″C10-930Consult DMCC09-930

.062 Cable Assembly* (Cable Only – No Ferrule)

18″A10-918Consult DMCA09-918
24″A10-924Consult DMCA09-924
30″A10-930Consult DMCA09-930

.062 Ferrules* (Standard and Elongated)

StandardF10-9Consult DMCF09-9
ElongatedF10-10Consult DMCConsult DMC

.062 Tools and Accessories

SCTH625Manual Hydraulic Application Tool with 5″ Nose
SCTH629Manual Hydraulic Application Tool with 9″ Nose
SCTE625BBattery Powered Application Tool with 5″ Nose
SCTE629BBattery Powered Application Tool with 9″ Nose
SCTHN62-5Replacement Nose – 5″ Length
SCTHN62-9Replacement Nose – 9″ Length
SCT-TB2Torque Verification Block for .062 Safe-T-Cable
SCTD011Torque Wrench – 100 to 750 Pound Range
SCTD015Cable Cutter/Gripper
SCTD012Retaining Ring Plier
*Supplied in packages of 50 pieces.
**Add “PKG” to part number when ordering a 50 piece bag of cable and/or ferrules.


FILLER WASHER for .062 Safe-T-Cable

Applications where Safe-T-Cable® is to be installed through a hole having a diameter greater than .145 inch, (3.6mm), but less than .300 inch (7.6mm) can be accommodated by a filler washer.
NOTE: Compatible materials are required, and care must be taken to restrain the washer during removal/service operations.

  • Filler Washer, Material: 321 CRES
    Part Number: FW10-9


Optional Configuration Flange Fittings for Fasteners with Holes Up to 8 mm Diameter

Crimp Ferrule

Cable End Fitting
Consult Crimp-Tech for Part Numbers and Availability


DMC1000-62NAV Soft Case Support Kit

SCT6251.062 Safe-T-Cable Tool with 5″ Nose Attached
SCTHN62-91.062 Nose Assembly 9″ Long
A10-924250Safe-T-Cable .062 X 24″
F10-9250Safe-T-Cable Ferrule, .062
SCT-TB21Safe-T-Cable Torque Verification Block
SCTD0151.062 Diagonal Cutter
SCTD0111Torque Wrench 100-750 Inch Pound
SCTD0121Retaining Ring Pliers
4-113613/32″ Hex Wrench
565B1Drive Punch
1Handbook (Instructional)


DMC1000-625 Hard Case Support Kit

SCT6251.062 Safe-T-Cable Tool with 5″ Nose Attached
C10-924100Safe-T-Cable 321 CRES .062 X 24″
SCT-TB21Safe-T-Cable Torque Verification Block
SCTD0151Diagonal Cutter
SCT320841Spanner Tool
SCTD0111Torque Wrench 100-750 Inch Pound
SCTD0121Retaining Ring Pliers
4-150119/64″ Hex Wrench
565B1Drive Punch

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